The air quality is also at star level in La Cuisine Rademacher

Enduser: La Cuisine Rademacher
Dellbrücker Hauptstr. 176
51069 Köln 
Industry: Hotels & Restaurants

The challenge: The dining room of the restaurant has 40 seats and a room volume of 216 m³. An air exchange rate of 4-8 is recommended to achieve adequate ventilation. For the restaurant, an air exchange rate of 6, i.e. a filtration of the entire room air every 10 minutes, is aimed for.

The restaurant “La Cuisine Rademacher”, founded in Cologne in 2018, was recently awarded a star by the Michelin Guide. Due to the pandemic and the associated lockdown, the restaurant can currently only offer a take-away.

Although guests unfortunately cannot be entertained personally in the restaurant, owner Marlon Rademacher has already decided in favor of the AstroPure 2000 air purifier. “On the one hand, we want to supply our employees with HEPA-filtered air in order to significantly minimize the risk of infections, on the other hand, of course, we also want to offer our guests this added value – viruses are everywhere,” says Rademacher.

Since there is no ventilation system, the mobile AstroPure 2000 now makes it possible to reliably guarantee the necessary exchange of air in the restaurant. The device is able to deliver up to 2000 m³ / h HEPA-filtered air. This achieves an air change rate of more than 6 air changes per hour for the entire room. The noise level is very low, so that the AstroPure 2000 can also be operated without any problems during the restaurant’s operating hours.

“The purchase of the air purifier was a very important step for us to get back to normal. The low volume of the device really surprised us and is therefore in no way disturbing for our guests ”, Marlon Rademacher

You want to find out more about how you can protect yourself against virus-laden indoor air? Contact us.

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